Schools & youth

Children, young people and teachers who come to Springhead, whether for a residential stay or a one-day trip, take away wonderful memories. Located in beautiful unspoilt Dorset countryside in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Springhead is a very special place. Many schools return year after year.

Our friendly staff make every effort to ensure that the visit is a success and that everyone from the group leaves the centre feeling enriched by the experience. Springhead’s staff have many years’ experience of teaching in schools as well as at Springhead.

This was the second time we have chosen Springhead and once again we were filled with immense gratitude, admiration and awe in regard to the beautiful surroundings and the staff who work tirelessly to provide our disadvantaged young people with a wonderful holiday

School activities

We can design a programme of activities to suit all ages and abilities and to help you deliver the curriculum at all key stages.

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Accommodation for schools

We can accommodate groups of up to 39 in a range of dormitory-style rooms. Additional bedrooms with accommodation for up to 10 people are sometimes available

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Schools gallery

See what other groups of children and young people have got up to at Springhead.

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School group costs and booking

We can cater for different arrangements – day visits and residential, catered and non-catered.

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