Renewables and energy saving

A key objective at Springhead is to practise and demonstrate techniques and principles associated with a more sustainable way of life. In addition to conserving energy through measures such as high levels of insulation, recycling and use of low-energy light bulbs, we have the following renewable and energy-saving systems:

An array of photo voltaic panels in the garden convert sunlight into electricity, and surplus electricity is fed into the grid, therefore helping reduce the need to generate electricity from fossil fuel power stations, as well as saving money

A reed bed sewage system is in place, which allows bacteria, fungi and algae to digest the sewage and clean the water. As well as helping to ensure that sewage doesn’t pollute the environment, this aquatic plant-based system uses sewage as a source of nutrients to restore and improve soil fertility

A hydro turbine has been installed to take advantage of the year-round flow of water at Springhead and generate renewable electricity. The lake at Springhead is an old mill pond, and the water mill is one of several in the Fontmell Magna area which drove the local economy for hundreds of years by providing power for the corn, cloth, timber and other trades.