Wildlife and Conservation

The 15 acres of grounds around Springhead are rich in wildlife, and home to a multitude of birds, mammals, invertebrates, amphibians, fungi and plants. One of Springhead’s objectives is to promote biodiversity, and we work hard to protect our varied habitats which include a spring-fed stream and lake, hedgerows and mature trees, wildflower meadow and scrub.

The springs at Springhead feed the chalk stream Collyer’s Brook, which is particularly valuable for wildlife, and species previously observed have included kingfisher, little egret, emperor dragonfly, brown trout, stickleback, meadowsweet, water mint and yellow flag iris. Common, soprano and Daubenton’s bats visit have been seen at night to feed over the water, and otters and water voles have occasionally been spotted in the stream.

Elsewhere at Springhead, species previously recorded have included snakes-head fritillaries, toads and hedgehogs. The site is situated within the Cranborne Chase AONB, and close to chalk downland, where butterfly and moth species known to thrive at Fontmell Down nature reserve include the rare silver-spotted skipper, Brown Argus, Chalk Hill Blue and Adonis Blue.


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