Revamped roof is raised

After many months of planning, fundraising and building works, Springhead’s mill building has a new roof which has stood up to the test of the recent high winds and lashing rain of the winter’s first storms.

‘We’re delighted and relieved to have the new roof in place’ says Nikolaus Boulting, Chair of Springhead’s trustees, ‘and incredibly grateful to all those who have helped make it happen. Without these works, we would no longer have been able to use the mill building for activities including hosting school groups, running arts and community events, or hire of our premises for weddings and other functions which help fund the charity.’

Works to the roof became urgent when a survey found that old and slipping tiles had started to allow water into the building, damaging structures including battens and historic timbers. Both the East and West slopes of the roof were replaced, with new felt, battens and handmade clay roof tiles. Gutters, hoppers and downpipes have been replaced, new rooflights  installed, and new lead flashing put in place around windows and chimneys. Asbestos had to be removed from roof spaces in advance of the roof replacement, and extra insulation has also been installed in order to save money and energy.

The works were made possible by the generosity of local individuals and organisations who responded to our appeal, and by grants and donations from the Historic Houses Foundation, Historic England, the Heritage Fund, Dorset Council, The Garfield Weston Charitable Foundation, the Swire Charitable Trust, the Edgar Lee Foundation, the Valentine Charitable Trust, the Sylvia Waddilove Foundation, Pennyfarthing Homes and the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers.




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