Moth-spotting at Springhead

Ducks and swans have always been appreciated on Springhead’s lake, but we’ve recently been finding out about some of the smaller and more hidden creatures to be found in our 15 acres of gardens and grounds.

The Small Elephant Hawk-moth (pictured above) is just one of more than 250 moth species recorded this summer by moth expert Tim Norriss. Found in one of Springhead’s orchards, this species lives in chalk grassland and other areas where it can find foodplants such as Honeysuckle and campions.

Other moths (pictured top to bottom below) collected in moth traps and photographed by Bill Raymond include the Lappet moth, which looks like a cluster of dried leaves; the Privet Hawk-moth – the largest hawk-moth in the UK; and the Poplar Hawk-moth, which doesn’t feed as an adult but eats poplar and willow leaves as a caterpillar.

The results of the moth survey, the wider invertebrate survey and other surveys including the bird survey carried out in the early summer, are helping to build up a picture of the biodiversity supported by Springhead’s rich and varied habitats and how best to conserve it. ‘Knowing which insects, birds, small mammals and other wildlife are found at Springhead helps us to manage the gardens and grounds in the best way to ensure there is appropriate food and shelter for the different species’ says Edward Parker, the charity’s Director.


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