Reducing Springhead’s carbon footprint

Thanks to two recent grants, Springhead has been able to significantly reduce both its carbon footprint and energy costs, through a range of new energy saving installations.

20 secondary glazing units have been fitted to windows in Springhead’s buildings, along with 139 high efficiency LED lights, and a range of roof, ceiling and floor insulation, with funding from Low Carbon Dorset and the British Airways Carbon Fund. In total, it is estimated that the project will save 7.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, significantly reducing the charity’s greenhouse gas emissions.

‘The insulation and secondary glazing have transformed the dormitory areas, which used to leak heat and feel cold and damp’ says Edward Parker, Director of Springhead. ‘We’re now using much less electricity to heat these rooms, and they feel a lot more comfortable for the children and other visitors who stay here. We’re also delighted with the LED lighting which has created a much better spread of light, as well as cutting our lighting bill and energy use.’

‘The financial savings will enable us to keep down costs, and enable more children, young people, members of our local community and others to visit Springhead. Most importantly, climate change is a threat to everyone, and the project has enabled us as a community organisation, to take action to reduce our use of fossil fuels, and hopefully inspire others to take action too.’

External insulation being installed under Springhead’s ‘Flying Room’

Secondary glazing has reduced Springhead’s energy costs and carbon footprint

New LED lighting in the Mill building dining room

The energy efficiency measures fit well with Springhead’s aim of demonstrating sustainable living;  other features include a reedbed sewage system, an organic kitchen garden, a hydro turbine and an array of solar PV panels which generate electricity.

The Springhead Trust is grateful for the support of:

  • Low Carbon Dorset (through Dorset Council, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and the European Regional Development Fund)
  • The British Airways Carbon Fund and British Airways Passengers (through Pure Leapfrog).

Main photo: Springhead at dusk, lit by new LED lighting, by Edward Parker.


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