Springhead – a rural centre for creative and sustainable living

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FEBRUARY Wednesday 17th GARDEN OPEN IN COLLABORATION WITH SHAFTESBURY SNOWDROP FESTIVAL Admission:  Adults £3.50  Friends £2.50  Under 16’s Free 10.00 am – 4.00 pm Light lunches available (11.00 am – 3.00 … Read more


WEDNESDAY 17TH FEBRUARY 2016 The garden will be open again in collaboration with the Shaftesbury Snowdrop Festival. Admission: Adults £3.50  Friends £2.50  Under 16’s Free 10.00 am – 4.00 pm … Read more

Springhead – North Dorset’s day and residential centre for creative and sustainable living – captivates and inspires people of all ages, who return again and again to enjoy its all year round facilities.  

This magical fusion of dramatic landscape – Grade II 18th century mill buildings; spring filled lake; stunning gardens and a newly built grass amphitheatre – is preserved and managed by the charity, The Springhead Trust.


If I could stay for one more day

I would do again the woodland trail

Over that hill and beautiful vale

Through the ancient trees

 I would listen again to the roaring wind

Up high in the canopy

Rambling on through a glorious carpet 

 Of flowering beauty

 The meadow, what a heavenly sight

Passing fields of swaying barley 

And over the stile

Treasuring each mile

 Then back again to a very special place


A piece of hidden Dorset

An unspoilt place

Debbie Pink – May 2011

Springhed – The Poem

If I could bathe for one more time it would be a delight

If I could sit under the tree I would smile with glee

If I could sleep for one more time

Soft and sound, just listening to the wildlife calls in the night sky

Not a drip not a tear in bed

The morning felt sad that we had to leave

So goodbye Springhead Goodbye love for the swans even though Springhead you will stay in my heart

Jack (Age: 9)

As a charity, The Springhead Trust relies on the generosity of its supporters. Click on the following link to make a donation with Just Giving