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Springhead Revisited: Restoring the Rotunda



On the recent death of Rosalind Richards, the former life tenant of Springhead, ownership of the property reverted to the Springhead Trust.  To mark the occasion, with the generous support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, we have embarked on a project to restore the Rotunda and are delighted to announce that the restoration of this historic structure has been completed.

The work involved the stripping down and repainting of the ornate ironwork of the cupola; the gold leafing of the finial; the delicate cleaning of the Italian stonework; the installation of an inscribed centre stone (in memorial to Rosalind Richards and her mother Marabel Gardiner) and the setting of a new paved apron.




















In addition a dedicated power supply and electrical distribution board has been installed close to the Rotunda to facilitate the various events held in the gardens.  The historic Springhead library has also been  catalogued.

The laying of the Purbeck stone base, the conserving of the historic stonework and the relaying of the stone apron was carried out by specialists Burfitt & Garrett.  The engraved centre stone was created by one of Dorset’s leading lettering artists, Andrew Whittle.  The finial was prepared, primed, painted and filed by Chris Hannam of Dorset Forge and Fabrication.


The Trust would also like to thank the volunteers who helped with the removal of the stone apron and the levelling and re-grass seeding of the area around the Rotunda


To date, the wrought ironwork of the cupola has been prepared, primed and painted, and the foliated finial has been gilded – The work carried out by Chris Hannam of Dorset Forge & Fabrication.

Additionally, a dedicated power supply and electrical distribution board have been installed near the Rotunda.

In October, local stonemasons Burfitt & Garrett will be conserving the stonework, including laying a new Purbeck stone base.

To acknowledge the enormous contributions made to Springhead and the Trust by Rosalind and her mother Marabel Gardiner, we have commissioned Andrew Whittle, a Dorset-based lettering artist, to carve a simple dedication to them in the circular central slab of the new base.











November 2017

A link to a more detailed powerpoint presentation of the restoration will be available shortly















August 2017