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Bank Holiday Monday 29 May   The day will be devoted to raising money to repair and replace the benches in the garden and we do hope you will come … Read more


Middle Farm B&B Hartgrove www.middlefarmhartgrove.co.uk

Croft Farm B&B www.croftfarmdorset.co.uk

Fontmell Archive Society www.fontmellmagna.net

Chalk & Cheese www.chalkandcheese.org

Dorset Countryside – Dorset For You (Dorset County Council) www.dorsetforyou.com

North Dorset Group (Artists) www.northdorsetgroup.org.uk

The Ancient Technology Centre www.dorset-cc.gov.uk/outdoored

Dorset Coppice Group www.dorsetcoppicegroup.co.uk

International Tree Foundation www.internationaltreefoundation.org

Sally Pinhey, Artist www.sallypinhey.com

Helen Simpson, Artist www.axisartists.org/artistid/8944

For better for worse (Wedding website) www.forbetterforworse.co.uk

Soil Association www.soilassociation.org

Rural North East Dorset www.ruralnortheastdorset.com

Rural Dorset www.ruraldorset.com

Shaftesbury www.shaftesburydorset.com

Shaftesbury Abbey www.shaftesburyabbey.co.uk

Dorset Tourist Information www.enjoyengland.com

NGS (National Garden Society) www.ngs.org.uk

Dorset Country Gardener www.countrygardener.co.uk

Neal’s Yard Remedies www.nealyardremedies.com

Butterfly Conservation www.butterflyconservation.org

D.C.R.S. (Dorset Centre for Rural Skills) www.dorsetruralskills.co.uk

depARTure www.departure.org.uk

Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy www.tcca.org.uk

Wessex Organic Movement www.wessexorganic.org.uk

Reghu Nadhan www.reghunadhan.com

Noah Afro Music www.noahafromusic.com